12 Best Free Photoshop Resource Sites

As an (aspiring) designer, you will come to a point where you need to use the same graphics over and over again, because they’re essential for your work.

It is mostly useless to reinvent the wheel. Especially if it takes a long time to do with not the best results.
Fortunately there are enough skilled designers on the internet that want to share some of these Photoshop files with you. Most of them even add those extra features to make it easy to edit for you.

No more need to spend so much time on crafting an iPhone in Photoshop, while you should design the UI of it. No waste of time.

We collected some of the best FREE .psd resource sites for you, so you can browse them in your free time and build your own .psd database!


Probably the most known website for all sorts of design and art related things.
But you might forget it also includes one of the biggest free resource databases on the internet!
If you need to find anything like textures, vectors, icons, Photoshop files, Photoshop Actions and so much more; this is the first place you should search for it.


This website is a great place for web design resources. The main focus of their designers is on UI design and web elements. The quality of the finished products is extremely high and the chance of finding anything noob/amateur is very slim, which is great!
A nice feature is that there is a new .psd every day, as the name implies…
This is one of those databases you should just browse every now and then and just collect whatever you think might be of use.


DesignMoo is owned by the same person as 365psd, though the original 365psd-owner gave the website to DesignMoo.
This fact to 2 very similar websites, with sometimes the same files. The good point is that both websites have pretty high standards.
DesignMoo just has a little bit more of the older looking designs on it. They’re mostly professional, but at the border of outdated.

Still a website you shouldn’t miss out, the filter is less strong than 365psd which results in more files to choose from!


FreebiePixels offers a wide array of resources, but filtered on quality unlike DeviantArt.
Another nice little extra is that you can earn points by uploading your own resources. With those points you can buy advertisement space on their website!


On PsdHome you find more of the preset style of Photoshop files. If you’re searching for nice typography styles, you should really take a look at this website.
But also other files such as basic interfaces from Windows and all sorts of browsers can be found here. Just check it out yourself.


This website hasn’t got this many files at all, but every single one is of an amazing quality.
Personally I collected all of them and wanted to share the quality with you.


PsdGraphics offers tons of files; some of them are simple, some really complex.
Not all files might be the most useful ones, but some of them could come in handy for certain projects. For that the categories and the Search function are really useful.


On this website you probably find some of the most useful Photoshop resources. Almost every file could be categorized as “template”. By that we mean the files are made for you to give the final touches.
It is highly adviced to browse this website often, especially because their templates are going with the current trends.

PsdFan Extra

This website has more of the “Tools” kind of resources. Things like brushes, textures, vectors, shapes …
These are the kind of files that are useful to collect and complete your Library.


DownloadPsd has an enormous amount of files. Luckily they made their web layout compact so you have a good overview.
It is hard to categorize this website because there are all sorts of Photoshop files on it. But there is a large amount of icons and objects.

SixRevisions Freebies & SmashingMagazine Freebies

SixRevisions is actually a blog, but their freebies section of the website is amazing, many high quality files you shouldn’t miss out.

Another similar blog is the famous SmashingMagazine which has the files I used the most up to this moment. They aim to deliver files that are complicated to make yourself, but are often needed by many designers.

BONUS: GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver is 1 Marketplace out of the many Envato has. The files you find there are the best you can possibly find on the internet, but they’re paid. Envato is so friendly to release 1 item in their marketplace every month, for free.
So every first of the month, you can download a premium file for free from their marketplace(s).
I recommend to just download the files every month, even if you don’t see the use of it directly. It is a limited time offer you shouldn’t doubt about.


A resource library of your own can be very useful. It is up to you to decide if you’re on of those persons that only collects and doesn’t use… Apart from that you now know where to search for files if you need a specific element for one of your projects.

Do you know any other great sites? Please share them with us!