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How to create a Futuristic Flying Orb in Photoshop

Minimalism is closely related to futurism. Typical charesteristics are the color white, smooth surfaces, complex technology that looks sleek, LED lights and so on. For…


12 Best Free Photoshop Resource Sites

As an (aspiring) designer, you will come to a point where you need to use the same graphics over and over again, because they’re essential…


25 Inspirational Pricing Table Design Examples

Pricing menus are getting more and more attention. Earlier there were just a few websites that made some sleek pricing tables or menus, others probably…


Creating Web Elements Kit in Photoshop

In this tutorial we’re going to craft our own Web Elements kit. In human language this means we’re going to create 1 single document in…

Radial Graph

Radial graph psd for free download

So today’s freebie is a Radial graph chart psd. According to several studies, numbers appear to be the most convincing statistics to people. Talking about…