Design a Realistic 3D stone egg in photoshop

You know those expensive stone eggs you can buy in Chinese shops? They’re nice aren’t they?
We’re going to create such egg and make it possible to put anything on it like a logo or just text (or nothing of course…)
With other colors you could use this for Easter also.
Let’s get moving!

Result Preview

Realistic 3D stone egg tutorial


Create a new document of 600 by 280 px or something close to this.
Now pick the Ellipse Tool and draw an oval shaped egg in the middle at the bottom.



We can add some Layer Styles right away!


It should turn out like this:



Duplicate the layer and remove all the layer styles of the new created layer.
Make sure the oval is black!
Pick a big and soft Eraser and erase until the remaining would look like this:


Now reduce the opacity to 65%


On top of the center of the egg you can add anything you want or just keep it empty.
Personally I think it’s a good choice to pick something in the genre of “Zen”.
You can find this shape in the Custom Shape Tool menu.

Add the following layer styles to it:


Result so far:



Duplicate the main egg shape again and move it on top of all the other layers.

Now hold Alt+Shift and drag one of the corner nobs inwards to shrink the egg shape to the center. Do this until it is almost as big as the dark area of the egg below.

Also make sure it’s black again, set the opacity to 6% and erase the bottom of it until it remains something like this:



Create a new layer on top and pick the Ellipse Tool again, drag a small White(!) oval at the top of the egg :


With the soft and big Eraser, once again remove a bit of the bottom and reduce the opacity to 15%.



The egg starts to look like a shiny rock, but we need to make it look just a little bit more rounded and the lightning isn’t 100% realistic either.

Pick the Brush Tool and set the color to White. Make sure the size of it is something close to 340px and the hardness is set to 0%
Now draw 1 dot at the top of the egg. You can aim for the top point of the egg with the center of your brush.

Now Ctrl+click the thumbnail of the original egg shape in order to create a selection of it.
Make sure the layer selected in the menu is still the white dot. Now press Ctrl+Shift+I and Erase the remainings around the egg.

Now finally reduce it’s opacity to 70%



The egg is finished now, but we want some surrounding too maybe.

We’re going to add grass, this isn’t as hard as you would expect, you just need to keep it as random as possible.

Create a new layer on top of the entire egg and pick the Brush Tool.
In the brush palet (right click) there should be a grass brush somewhere.


Pick a dark green color for this like #5c770d and start drawing grass on top of the egg.
Just hold the mouse button and sweep around. Try not to be too linear because that will look weird, just be very random and don’t put too much grass on it.

You’ll probably notice the grass looks weird and you have colors like white, brown and green.
Just add the next Layer Styles:


(note the blendmode being ‘color’ and not ‘normal’)



Now create a layer behind the egg and make the brush size just a little bit smaller… 100px or so.

Repeat the previous method and add the same styles.

To avoid the bottom of every grass tweak being visible, make multiple layers and place grass on top of the it each time. So actually you start at the top of the document and work your way down. Don’t fill the document up to the top, just from half-way the egg, to the bottom of the document.

Also there is no need to go very far to the left and right of the document; you can just duplicate the layers, move them around and erase the edges a little.

But drawing everything manually can result in more quality!


The white of the background might pop through.
Just create another layer beneath all the other ones so far and fill it with #dbdaa7
You can also add a little bit of noise to it, just a little. It depends of how much grass you’ve drawn.

Use the Eraser tool to make the transition nicer. Best of all you take a rough eraser like this one:



To give it all more depth you can create a layer on top of this texture and pick a big, soft, black and round brush and draw a little at the top of the document.

Also draw a bit of shadow below the egg with the same brush (eventually smaller) and see if it’s actually needed (also depends on the amount of grass again.)



Up to your personal taste you could make it all more vibrant or keep it like this. I prefer to give it more contrast (you might need to flatten the entire image to do this easly)

Your document should something similar to this now:



Now for the background.
Set the foreground color to #b0b071 and the background color to #d0d0a9.
Then render clouds on a new layer, behind everything else. (Filter>render>clouds).
Then add noise to it (Filter>Noise>Add Noise) with these settings:


Set the opacity on 44%

Set the foreground and background colors a bit darker, but still somewhat goldish-brown.
Render clouds again on a new layer and erase everything with a big soft eraser until the grass part. Set the opacity to 70%

Repeat the proces one more time with black and white as colors and erase even more, so you just have the top of the document filled with dark clouds. Set the opacity to 36%.


Realistic 3D stone egg tutorial

Congratulations, you just made a glossy egg in Photoshop!