How To Customize Default WordPress Email Template?

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Establishing a far-reaching online presence requires a whole lot more than creating a good-looking and functional website. There are a few “little things” that adds more value to your website. For instance, improving user interaction on your website is one great way to boost conversions. The more users will interact with your site, the more traffic you’ll be able to attract. Besides, user interaction provides an opportunity to gather information about your customers that can help you make strategic business decisions.

How Can You Increase User Interaction on Your Website?

While it is true that social media sites have become a popular platform that helps boost interaction, one can’t deny that email marketing still remains the most effective tool to increase user interaction on your site. While social media sites increase interaction, it doesn’t necessarily means that users will take the next step and will visit your website. But, email can help can even encourage recipients to click on your website link added in an email.

Below is an image that contains a graph displaying the user interaction rates of popular social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter:


Now, let us see an image that demonstrates how email increases interaction to a great extent:


As you can see an email is being opened 30 percent of the time, and users click-through emails 4.5 percent of the time. This clearly suggests that sending emails to your users can play a crucial role in making your website successful.

Perhaps, you may choose to opt for a ready-made WordPress email template available online to modify the look and feel of your email. But, remember that using a pre-made email template might restrict you from styling the emails according to your specific needs.

In this post, we will make you learn about an easy way that can help you in creating attractive and perfect WordPress email templates using the WordPress Customizer API.

Customizing a WordPress Email Template in Customizer

Now editing WordPress default email templates have become easy, thanks to the advent of “Email Templates” plugin created by Damian Logghe (a Argentina-based plugin developer). This plugin helps in editing and improving the appearance of pre-made WordPress email templates with the help of Customizer API.


In order to use the Email Templates plugin, you’ll first have to download it from the official WordPress official Plugins Repository. Next, upload the plugin in the path: /wp-admin/plugin-install.php. And finally, log into your WordPress install admin panel, to activate the plugin. For doing so, navigate to Appearance menu from your admin dashboard screen, and click on the “Email Templates” option under that menu.


Below are a few benefits of the Email Templates plugin:

  • Allows Customizing Existing WP Email Templates.

The Email Templates plugin, make the process of adding your brand’s logo on the top of your email template a hassle-free task – just like the ease with which you upload an image. For example: you can see how we uploaded our company logo using the email templates plugin, as shown in the image below. Also, the plugin allows changing the style of your email template, including colors, text alignment and much more.

  • Enables to Test The Working Of Email Templates

Thanks to the email templates plugin, you can even test whether your customized email template looks as per your expectations. After getting finished with the customization work, the plugin enables to shoot a test mail. So, you can view how your email template looks like from your inbox, and you can decide if the edits you’ve made to the template meet your needs or not.

  • Ideal to be Used By Novices and Experienced WordPress Site Owners

Making edits to any existing WordPress email template is not an easy task and can be challenging for beginners or an average user. However, the Email Templates plugin can be used for editing the WP default email templates by a novice, as well as, an experienced WordPress user.

  • Provides Live Preview Of the Edits Made to Email Template

The biggest benefit of the email templates plugin is that make use of the Customizer API, allowing users to preview the changes made to their email templates in real time.

Final Words

Most of the people choose social media networks for increasing user interaction, however, sending emails to users can prove a much more effective way to boost interaction on your WordPress website. When it comes to sending emails, you can choose any one of the default WP email template available online. However, the default templates are not attractive. And so, you’ll need to edit (and customize) the email template to enhance its look and feel.

For a long time, there wasn’t any simple solution available to use, that can help in editing the default WordPress email templates with ease. But, you can take a sigh of relief, as a new plugin called as “Email Templates” can help you easily edit the existing email templates, as it comes integrated with the customizer API ability.