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How to create a Futuristic Flying Orb in Photoshop

Minimalism is closely related to futurism. Typical charesteristics are the color white, smooth surfaces, complex technology that looks sleek, LED lights and so on. For…


Create a Vector Gift Box for Upcoming Christmas

Today we will be creating an attractive gift box in Adobe Illustrator. We are going to use few usual types of tools, such as, Rectangle…


Design a 3D image slider in Photoshop

You’ve probably seen it all over the place, those huge image sliders on top of web pages showing off the best works they have to…


Design a Realistic 3D stone egg in photoshop

You know those expensive stone eggs you can buy in Chinese shops? They’re nice aren’t they? We’re going to create such egg and make it…


Design a 3D web layout in photoshop

In this tutorial we’re going to design a 3D web layout. It will have perspective in the header, but the content area will have to…