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Simplex Ajax Contact Form PRO

Simplex Ajax Contact Form Pro

Simplex Ajax Contact Form PRO is a jQuery Ajax based with fully PHP validated Contact form. You can easily integrate the Contact form to your…

Wordpress custom registration template

Create custom wordpress registration page

I am sure, most web masters using wordpress do not like to let their users to signup or login through the boring wordpress default signup/login…


Custom WordPress Login without using a plugin

Today we are going to see how to make a Custom WordPress Login page template. You may seen a lot of plugins available out there…


Advanced jQuery contact form with php support

In this modern era, most websites are using jQuery and ajax in their forms to enhance user experience. In today’s tutorial, I am going to…


php Contact form script with validation

Creating a contact form using php is a simple thing that any one can do with basic php knowledge. This is a basic email contact…