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How to code a pricing menu template in html

In this tutorial we are going to see how to code a pricing menu template in html. In the end of this tutorial, you can…


Tutorial Removed

Unfortunately, this tutorial has been removed from our website. It was identified that the published artwork closely resembled another author’s work. As always we strive…

Wordpress custom registration template

Create custom wordpress registration page

I am sure, most web masters using wordpress do not like to let their users to signup or login through the boring wordpress default signup/login…


Design an effective Pricing Table in photoshop

Many designers, webmasters and other people creating websites don’t see the importance of a well designed Pricing Table for their products. Admit it, if you…


Design a 3D web layout in photoshop

In this tutorial we’re going to design a 3D web layout. It will have perspective in the header, but the content area will have to…